When planning your next project, forget about the stress that comes with recharging your power tools.

We put the power in your pocket.

Here’s how it works.

Use our Power Center app on your phone or laptop to locate one of our Swap Stations. At the Swap Station, you can use the app or the Swap Station kiosk to rent a battery.
You have the option of swapping your depleted battery or simply renting one.

Just a few quick steps and you’ll be back to work with your power tools.
At the Swap Station, log in to your account and select the Rent icon. Follow the simple on-screen prompts to retrieve or return a battery to the designated Bay.

The Mobile App:

  • Identifies the consumer and locates the account information

  • Directs the consumer to the right locker bay within the Swap Station to deposit the spent battery

  • Directs the consumer to a different locker bay to retrieve a fresh battery

  • Automatically expenses the consumer’s Liberty account for recharging the spent battery

  • Notifies the consumer when the account has reached its set number of battery charges, and expenses the account for a new battery

We’re Liberty Battery Tech.

Want to know more or find out how you can get involved? Email Jordan at [email protected]